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Facial Services

Any additional service requests are not included in the base prices listed below.


(30 minutes)

Discover your skin's potential as we focus on corrective techniques. Choose from skin exfoliation, a face and neck massage or a masque treatment.

/Deep Cleansing Acne

(45 minutes)

The power of our deep cleansing technique with a naturally cleaning mineral. This rejuvenating facial encourages the skin's own natural process, exfoliating and diminishing pore size while significantly increasing radiance through refining products and a high-touch treatment approach.

*for lasting results four treatments and a personalized home care system is recommended* 

/Organic Falls

(60 minutes)

This facial is sensitive to all skin types, and does not cause irritations and inflammation on the skin. Mindful techniques are used that take hyper-responsive skin to a state of calming balance. 

/Gentleman's Choice

(45 minutes)

A customized treatment that is used for a gentleman's unique skin problems. Specific techniques are used to cleans, exfoliate, and hydrate.

/Image Signature

(60 minutes)

We address concerns ranging from acne & aging to dryness & sensitivity. This includes enhanced therapeutic aroma and personally customized facial techniques.

/Clarifying Back Treatment

(45 minutes)

Hard to reach areas on your back are cared for in this deep-cleansing treatment. Exfoliating masks and massage techniques are used to cleans, purify and refine the skin on the neck, shoulders, and back. 

Resurfacing Treatments
Signature with Vitamin-C
Organic Passion Fruit with Peptides
Oily + Acne with Salicylic/Glycolic Acid
Skin Lightning with Lactic/Kojic Acid
Microdermabrasion with Oxygen
Eyebrow Microblading
Advanced Micro-Peel
Advanced Perfection Lift
Beaute Nueve Double Peel
Hydradermie Lift Treatment

Mineral based make-up application from a natural look to avantgrande. MAC and members of our team focus on your skin preparation and the teachings of proper application. 

*(any additional service requests are not included in the base prices listed below)*

Make-Up Application

Eyes only

Air Brush Application

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